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 The Rules

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PostSubject: The Rules   Thu Dec 24, 2009 10:28 pm

1. You have the right to control YOUR character and make him/her evolve as the story progresses. You may NOT, however, have the authority to control another writer's character, unless discussed or choreographed for a combat scene.

2. To join and before posting ANYTHING in the forums. Email me your intentions and characters first at beyond.borders.RPs@gmail.com. All unauthorized posting will be deleted.

3. Write tastefully, but hinted vulgarity is permitted.

4. You may NOT, under any circumstances, kill off another writer's character unless discussed and agreed upon by both parties and one of the four founders.

5. You may NOT degrade any writer's thoughts, ideas, or skill. We take on as many ideas as possible to form the plot.

6. Be consistent with the chain of events. If you fall behind, refer to one of the founders for an update. Regularity is a must!

7. The Colors Rule: Each moderator picks a color in which they will write (plot, notes, etc.) as a means of differentiating the indvidual authors.

8. The founders' word is LAW. Three warnings will be issued. Should rules be broken, the perpetrator is removed from the collection of authors.

9. Have fun!
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The Rules
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