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 Introduction to Saffron Skies

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PostSubject: Introduction to Saffron Skies   Wed Jun 18, 2008 4:37 pm

In a world parallel to ours, many eons ago, strange forces ruled the land. People grew with special abilities, nurtured them, and died with them as they blessed the earth they were buried in.
But now times of war* cloud all of Aniram. It is the dawn of a virtuous new empire: Venelia and her allies.
At the same time, the creatures of old try to regroup and bring back a more harmonious time for all…a time of magic.

Who will you be in this maddened world? A ferocious army general attempting to bring down the Venelians? A cutthroat Venelian trying to conquer other lands? A powerful elf aiding the As’kien queen? Or find your own path among the fray?

Mark your own place among the stars: your time is now!

*This storyline is a new concept and therefore we ALL have a say in its creativity. This also means that YOU have a say in the creation of new species, countries, etc etc. Just PLEASE PM me or a moderator first before you conveniently add an unheard of country. Thanks!
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Introduction to Saffron Skies
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