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 Introduction to the Awakening

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PostSubject: Introduction to the Awakening   Wed Jun 18, 2008 4:07 pm

Planet Earth was once vulnerable and on the brink of personal extinction due to disease, famine, loss of faith, pollution, and most of all war. Having destroyed most of it as well as any documentation to the past, the humans then rebuilt their planet and began colonizing others to build an empire known as Chyron.
The species in the surrounding planets’ identities are erased, their cultures wiped, and are given citizenship of Chryon. Unfortunately, these new citizens have no memory before the Birth and over time interbreed and settle in normal lives upon the many of Chyron’s moons.

*Where there is oppression, there is rebellion: for one motive or another, Chyron’s “brainwashing” techniques begin to not work on certain individuals and remember their past, identities and certainly feel that something is terribly wrong with Chyron’s law system. These few are handpicked by an emissary of the Chrome Warrior himself and set under a diligent captain in his army.

Where do you stand in this constant battle between individualism and conformity? Will you save humanity or recognize cultures of other worlds as it is their right to?

Choose wisely…this is war and doubles will more often than not be found and killed!

*Your creativity with new breeds, planets, etc etc is greatly appreaciated and welcome in this story. Please do not hesitate to contact a moderator or myself before adding random planets in your conversation.
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Introduction to the Awakening
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